Sunday, November 04, 2007

My son hates fall.

Can you guess what would make Cooper cry like this:

And cling to his dadddy for dear life like this:

Leaves. Yup, leaves.
We went outside to take some cute fall pictures, and as I was kicking a big pile of leaves around, Cooper started screaming. The same kind of scream he used when he got his first shots. Poor kid.
He eventually calmed down. Doesn't he look calm here?

I guess he's a little young for tossing leaves into the air or jumping into a big pile of them. He mostly tried to eat the leaves.

He seemed fine when Daddy was holding him though:

And luckily for me, he's perfectly content to sit in a big pile of laundry while I toss it around!

Random interesting note: Today, Cooper is 38 1/2 weeks old, which means that he's now been living with us for the same length of time as he was percolating inside my tummy. Strange. It seems like I was pregnant for such a short period of time and that he's been with us for something like four years or so.

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Anonymous said...

Cooper is setting you up so that he never has to do any yard work.
I wonder if its too late for me to develop a fear of laundry?