Monday, November 12, 2007

Guess the noise.

This would obviously work better if I had little sound clips I could play after each photo. But bear with me.

What might Cooper sound like when he makes this face?
Did you guess nasally whiny noise? The kind of noise that, in a year, will cause me to say "I'm sorry. I don't understand whining. You'll have to use your words." Then you'd be right.

How about this one?
After this one, I might say "Oh yes sir I am the boss of you. Now go clean your room."

This is a relatively new one. He makes little spitting sounds with this face. And then he makes sounds like he's imitating radio static. No clue what he means yet. But it's entertaining.

I know. It's humiliating to be photographed while doing your "morning business." And then for me to plaster it all over the internets. Poor kid. We'll start a therapy fund now.

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Anonymous said...

That a boy, Cooper. Show that poop whose boss!