Thursday, June 12, 2014

Other fun things in Arkansas:

Henry's school had a book sale.  50 cents for kids books.  We walked out with about $20 of new books for Cooper, including many Star Wars titles!

Coop and Caroline enjoyed trying out the "fancy chair" -- a really nice lounge chair that Miss Melissa got for Mother's Day:

Miss Melissa is a pediatric occupational therapist.  One of her co-workers (an OT in training) needed the opportunity to evaluate a kiddo she didn't know.  So Coop volunteered.  One of his favorite things was this Cuddle Swing -- a stretchy sack that completely enclosed him while the OT pushed him back and forth:

We visited Crystal Bridges, a gorgeous art museum that had a display about the architect who designed Exploration Place in Wichita (Coop's standing next to the Exploration Place model):

We went to an estate sale where everything was incredibly expensive.  Coop sweet-talked the sale workers into letting him have this bear for $2 (instead of the $5 that it was tagged).  Still expensive in my book, but he was thrilled and spent the rest of the week with Bear:

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