Friday, March 14, 2014


Coop's elementary school teacher Mr. Joe had a sign-up sheet for parents to come sit in the classroom and observe for an hour.  When I walked in, Barrett, a third-year student, welcomed me and said "ma'am, would you like some tea?"  I said yes, and he brought me a tray of ten tea packets to choose from.  He took the one I selected, microwaved some water, and brought me tea and a slice of banana bread.
Barrett checked back in on me a couple of times.  "Are you enjoying the tea, ma'am?"  Oh yes, Barrett.  Thank you.

(Apparently, Coop told Mr. Joe that I only drink Diet Coke, but Mr. Joe said he wasn't going to buy pop just for one person.)

With my tea and banana bread, I pulled up a chair and sat near Coop's work space.  He used this board (with small beads) to do a math problem:  36 divided by 9 times 3.

Mr. Joe gathered a group of third-year students and gave them a group lesson on parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb).

And then Coop got out the "checkerboard" to do big multiplication problems.  Something like 3465 times 23.  Pretty impressive work.

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