Monday, January 06, 2014

Um.... halloween stuff still!

So I'm a little behind on blogging photos.  Oops.
As you probably know, Coop owns many costumes.  I told him I'd buy him a new one for Halloween if he wanted (as opposed to buying a t-rex costume in June, just because he loves costumes).  He opted for spider.

Pirate pumpkin:

Maple Leaf festival:

The house near Baker that has creepy gory Halloween decorations, which Coop loves.  Surely he's going to need therapy.  That zombie guy in the wheel chair has spasms like he's being electrocuted. 

Coop and I decided to make a scarecrow of sorts:

He (she?) lived in our breezeway.  In fact, he/she is still there.  Hrmm.... maybe I should have put a santa hat on it and called it a Christmas decoration?

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