Monday, January 13, 2014

November misc

I don't remember what Coop was laughing about here, but man, the kid is full of joy.

On the Tooth Fairy's last visit, Coop asked her for a self portrait.  This is what we found in the morning:
"The tooth fairy kind of looks like a fox and a dragonfly and a mouse."  Um, yeah... I guess she does.  Who knew.

Coop got a letter in the mail, and when he discovered that it was from his friend Claire at school, he just beamed! 

Grandma Joan sent Coop two real rattlesnake rattles!!!  He was thrilled!

Coop and I had a dinner date at Antonucci's in Baldwin City, with coloring pages to keep him occupied (and bread and olive oil for me!).

Coop's been going to a clay studio once a week after school.  He loves making all sorts of projects:

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