Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thanksgiving Feasts

We went to the annual Raintree Thanksgiving Day feast this year.  Coop wrote out a menu, which is difficult to see, but includes items such as "rlz" (rolls), "turkee," "froot salid," "and "pumpkin cace" (cake).

Coop enjoying the Feast:

At home, Coop set up his "restaurant" in the basement to serve us delicious things like pineapple and pizza.

On Thanksgiving Day itself, we went to our church's big Thanksgiving meal:

The dessert nook:

When I asked Coop what his favorite part of the meal was, he said the turkey, which surprised me because he doesn't really like turkey.  And then he clarified:  "the turkey made out of junk food."
Ah...yes.  That makes much more sense.

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