Monday, December 17, 2012

Lost tooth!!

Coop's had a wiggly tooth for a couple of weeks or so.  He's clearly not like me -- I'd've played with that sucker and had it yanked out in a matter of days.  But not Coop.  He mostly left it alone and just checked it each night to see if it was still wiggly.
At school on Friday, though, he apparently forgot about it, bit on his sleeve (because he's a five-year-old boy and I guess they do that?), and when he jerked his sleeve out of his mouth, his tooth came with it!

He couldn't find it right away, so his classmates had to help.  Olivia found it, I guess.  And then Raintree, accustomed to children losing teeth at school, gave him a tooth-shaped box necklace to hold his tooth for the rest of the day.

Coop left it under his pillow, of course, along with the following note for the tooth fairy:
"Deer tooth faree.  I lost my tooth then I found it!!  I hope you like it.  From Cooper.  to tooth faree.  it's in this box."

The tooth fairy brought him $5 because it was his first tooth.  She's going to get substantially cheaper with subsequent teeth, I'm sure.

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Thomas said...

At least the tooth faree has kept up with the rate of inflation and tax rates, no?