Thursday, November 15, 2012

My boy loves Halloween, cont.

Grandma Joan sent pumpkin leaf bags:

And with even more allowance money, his newest acquisition was a severed leg.  Great.

For actual Halloween evening, Coop dressed in his skeleton costume.  He and Alan went to a kids haunted house at one of Baker's sorority houses. 

The Saturday after Halloween (dressed a pirate), Coop got this sweet Halloween gift bucket from Miss Linda, the cinnamon roll lady from our farmer's market.
She included a cinnamon roll, brownie, and toy skeleton! 
That same day, Coop and I headed up to the big Halloween Express store in Lawrence to check out what they had left (for half price!).  Coop was in heaven looking at all the creepy decorations.  I vetoed most (all) of them.

But we did buy a vampire costume to go with his vampire teeth:

Still running errands that day, I took the vampire to Walmart.  First stop: book section.  Vampire picked out a book and spent the entire boring shopping trip reading in the cart!

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