Thursday, November 29, 2012

Leftover early-November photos

At the big Halloween store, we bought skulls that dissolve in water and have three eyeballs hidden inside.  Eyeball soup?

We then took those eyeballs and a few glow sticks for a spooky bath:

Coop voted with us on election day.
1. Coop voted half Republican and half Democrat. Which means he'll fit in well with this family.
2. He mostly voted for people whose signs he'd seen or whose names he could read (sorry Tobias Schlingensiepen). Which means he'll likely fit in well with the vast majority of the American population. 

Coop finally (finally!) finished his US map at school.  This has taken him months.
 He had to trace each state, and then punch it out using a push pin all around the edges, and then glue everything in place.  Whew.

Being silly at bedtime:

Painting a haunted house picture:

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Thomas said...

Colleen and I have been doing the glow stick in the bath tub thing...I have to say that they both have a great time with it...sometimes a bit over the top, but they they have a good time. The eyeball soup looks delicious...