Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Start of Summer

We spent one Saturday up at Crown Center in Kansas City.  Cooper loves eating at Fritz's, where your food arrives by electric train car.

And we visited the new KC Aquarium, which was lovely, I thought.


Talking to a manta:

Coop's been excited about catching bugs in the yard.  We picked up a "bug barn" at a garage sale so he has a home for his critters now.  Before that, his pet roly poly lived in a tupperware container, but died after a day or two.  This was the grave stone Coop made for him.
(I haven't actually checked, but I'm guessing that yes, the dead roly poly is under that cup.)

And we picked up an Operation game, now updated for the 21st Century to include things like a cell phone and a fart bubble.  Alas, no wishbone or funny bone anymore.

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Thomas said...

Colleen was upset that we didn't know about this place before we got there. Christopher would have flipped a lid to have his food arrive by train! Awesome stuff.

It was awesome to get to see you guys while we were there. Thank you very much for making the time.