Saturday, May 26, 2012

School break

Coop's got two weeks off from school now in between the spring and summer sessions.  We volunteered to keep the class pet geckos for the break.  They're low maintenance.  We feed them a dozen or so crickets at a time, give them fresh water, and put cricket food in the aquarium, too.  (Yes, I appreciate the irony of feeding the crickets to then feed them to the geckos...)

Adelaide has been quite enchanted with the critters:

We picked up a kite and spent one afternoon down at the soccer fields trying to fly it.  All in all, not bad, but surely there's some technique I'm missing...

Every Saturday, we go to the farmer's market for a cinnamon roll and across the street to the library for some books and movies.  Here was Cooper's attire one Saturday.
Clearly, pirate skeletons can't get wet.

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Karen said...

Haha, pirate skeletons are very fragile, as we all saw from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. You can't be too careful with that stuff. And how exciting that you have gecko visitors! I bet Cooper LOVES that. Too bad about the crickets, but at least they're getting eaten by a gecko, instead of something dumb like a frog.

Hope you all are doing well!