Monday, March 26, 2012

Trip to Portland, part 2 -- Museums!

We visited the Portland Children's Museum.  Here's the water room:
Last time we visited the Kansas City children's museum, a little girl puked in the water room.  When I asked Coop what his favorite part of this museum was, he said "when I played in the water room and no one puked."

A turtle made of clay:

A knight costume from the gift shop, complete with helmet visor, which was the big selling point for Cooper:

We also visited the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and took a tour of this submarine, the USS Blueback:

Looking through the periscope:

Trying out the small beds on the sub:

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Thomas said...

I can respect his appreciation for lack of human bile in the water room. That is a very under-appreciated factor in enjoying such venues. I've never been to Portland, but I hear it is a pretty cool town. Thanks for the posts...great thing to see such places in such cities/ case we're ever out there for any reason.