Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cooper's research projects

Cooper's been coming home from school with "research projects."  I get the impression, though I'm not entirely sure, that he "reads" a book and then draws a picture about that subject.  (I've provided translations in case you're not up-to-speed on interpreting preschool cursive and spelling.)

"the africn elephants r coowl" = The African elephants are cool. 

"sum spidrs or poysnis" = Some spiders are poisonous. 

"sharks or big" = Sharks are big. 

"deep insid dee rf hids lovu" = Deep inside the Earth hides lava. 

"shorcs eet fish" = Sharks eat fish. 

"wals spra wodr" = Whales spray water. 

"spas is coowl" = Space is cool.

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Thomas said...

That is very impressive, Emily...phonetically, he was pretty on-point. Good stuff.