Thursday, December 08, 2011

Spelling and drawing

Miss Ann emailed us this photo of Cooper at school.  He's working with the moveable alphabet, which helps children learn to spell words by sounding them out:
And yes, it's cursive.  Montessori schools start preschool children out with cursive letters because they're easier to write for a child's natural hand motion and because it avoids reversal errors that can happen with lowercase print letters (like b and d, or g and p and q).

Shortly thereafter, the pictures Cooper drew at school started including words.  Here was his depiction of the characters in Puss in Boots (which he saw at a birthday party a few weekends ago):
From left:  Humpty Dumpty, the black cat, and Puss in Boots (spelled PS, which is probably about how it sounds to Cooper).  Puss in Boots is holding his hat with a feather sticking out of it.

Here, Coop's holding hands with his friend Madeline.  And standing nearby are Ruby and Ava:

Yikes -- Coop and Madeline and hearts?!  What sassy pants girl is teaching my baby to draw hearts?!!

The top vehicle here is Alan's white truck.  And the blue one is my car.  Or rather, my "cor."  Close enough.

A recent sign Cooper made:  NO GRLS ULALD.
(Translation:  No Girls Allowed.  After all the hand-holding and hearts pictures, I should be pleased, except this sign was directed at me.  Dangit!)

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