Monday, December 19, 2011

Cooper's "projects"

Lately, instead of going to sleep at bedtime, Cooper has been working on "projects," as he calls them.  They involve typing paper, scissors and tape.  Witness:

A pirate, complete with hat, vest, and peg leg:
(Just for scale, the body is two regular sheets of paper, so these creations are all about 3 feet tall.  Which makes them difficult to store...)

A horse:

Stirrups for Fuzzy:


A snowman:

A grinch mask:
"Mama, ask me how I got it to stay on."
"Cooper, how did you get the grinch mask to stay on?"
"I taped it to my face."

At Grandma Carol's, we didn't have typing paper, so Cooper made her a complete grinch out of kleenex:

A note for Santa that Cooper left on his door:
Translation:  "Night Number 3: My dad has been bad."  Looks like it'll be lumps of coal for Alan!

And finally, a school project:  a map of North America:
He traced each country, punched it out using a thumbtack, and then glued the map together.  He can name United States, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, and Panama.  Ok, so Canada and Mexico are backwards, but cut him some slack.

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Thomas said...

All these are very cool...his imagination and creativity are both pretty amazing. Love the "peg leg"...Excellent work, Coop