Friday, June 10, 2011

You know it's been too long since you've udpated your blog when...

Your dad nags you about it on Facebook.  I got the hint, Dad.

But I'm really worn out from all the England blogging.  And all of the Nothing I've been doing since we got home.

So I'm going to ease into things by posting some photos from last Christmas. I had set these aside to blog after the holidays, but then we left for England and I had other things to post.

Cooper's new reading chair:

Cooper trying out his new baker's outfit:

Cousin Zoey came to our house for a bit over Christmas.  And she got to play with Coop's pirate stuff.  She even got to wear the hat!

We spent an afternoon shredding a bunch of documents that had piled up.  Coop really enjoyed it, and danced a cute little jig as his papers went through.

Cousins playing with a parachute at Grandma and Gramdpa's house:

Finally, an adorable video of Cooper and his friend Jackson.  The boys started at Raintree at the same time, and were fast friends.  They got together once over Christmas break before we left for England, and apparently did a lot of giggling:

(I'm a little afraid that they do that all during the school day, too!)

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