Monday, June 27, 2011

Activities back at home

Cooper's had fun driving his jeep around the yard.  It's really been the first time he's played with it, despite that it's been sitting in our barn for a couple of years.  Up until now, it was a little scary (I maybe didn't adequately warn him what would happen the first time he sat in it and stepped on the gas pedal... oops).
 But he loves it now!

And the bicycle has gotten lots of use too:

Cooper started back to preschool when we got home from England, and he's been doing lots of writing practice.  And he's drawing more pictures now, so he decided to write a book called "The Birthday Party."  It's riveting.  Look for it in bookstores near you...

Yay for garage sale season!  We picked up this pile o' train tracks and Thomas engines for a mere $20.
Actual retail price:  probably in the neighborhood of $300.  Score.

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Thomas said...

You ain't kidding about the cost of that train set! The trains themselves are about $8 a piece! That was a hell of a deal. Good work. Love the bike...its really fun watching him grow up...riding the bike..and driving a jeep. Christopher, just last weekend, ran over one of his second cousins with one of the those motorized jobs. It was accidental and no one was hurt, but it happened. Crazy stuff.