Sunday, May 22, 2011

Heading Home

We spent our last few days at Harlaxton saying goodbye to our new dear friends.  For Cooper, that meant having a party (with cake!) at Puddleducks.  His teachers and friends waved goodbye. 
Cooper said something pithy like "Well guys, I guess you won't ever see me again."  And then he walked out.  He's apparently not one for long drawn-out goodbyes.

One of his favority teachers, Rory.

With Miss Mollie, a student at Harlaxton who babysat him quite a bit.

With Miss Samantha, one of Alan's students who was just generally lovely to Cooper.

 Zyggy, our favorite shuttle bus driver.

Miss Terry, the wife of a journalism professor from Illinois.  Miss Terry didn't arrive until mid-March (she was recovering from knee surgery), but even in her short month here, she won Cooper's heart.

So.  That's it.  Time to go home. 

We managed to get everything packed (disclaimer:  we sent two wheelie-bags-full home with our mothers!) and to the airport.

And we settled in for a nice long flight back to the States.

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