Friday, May 20, 2011

Cooper's Tea Party

To raise money for charity, Harlaxton students auctioned off a chance to "pie a professor" (with a cool whip pie in the face) or to have a tea party with Cooper!  After the winners were announced, we arranged a tea date with the three lucky winners.

Coop served them all pretend tea with pretend cream and pretend sugar. 

But I didn't figure that would be good enough since they actually paid money for this, so we spent about an hour decorating cookies and drinking pink lemonade in the Conservatory.

I was pretty excited about the British plates!
We scheduled the tea party during finals week, so I think the girls were glad to have a break from studying.
Somewhere near the end of the party, Cooper said "gosh, I've had a lot of sugar."  Yes indeed, son.  Yes indeed.

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