Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The pirate explores

Coop and I had some time to explore the castle a bit while Alan was in meetings.  He was a pirate that day.  (I have mentioned, haven't I, his costume phase?  We brought them all to England, so expect to see a lot of them...)

Admiring the view:

The swirlie on the Cedar Stairs.

Climbing the Cedar Stairs

Being a statute:

"I found a pot of gold at the bottom of the stairs!"

One of the staff members admired Coop's costume and then managed to rustle up this plastic sword, leftover from a previous child resident.  Coop loved it, but I think some of the other faculty members were a bit taken aback by Cooper's pirate regalia, particularly while he was brandishing a sword and growling at them.


Anonymous said...

Those faculty members who are taken aback best be aware, lest they end up in Davy Jones Locker.

Please, I hope there collars aren't starched so tight they can't appreciate a good ol' fashion pirate.

Looks like a great place, right out of the movies.


Thomas said...

that first picture is an amazing shot...good show. I'm very impressed by the whole thing...I love the curiosity of children...its very rejuvenating for me as an adult...and almost reassuring in some ways.