Friday, January 21, 2011


Last week, we attended a Ceilidh (pronounced "kay-lee" of course) here at the manor.  It's a traditional Gaelic dance party.  There was a four-piece band (two guitars, a violon, and a drum set) who played Gaelic music (with a bit of Irish and English thrown in for variety) and taught everyone how to dance to it.  Think square dancing with a shade of line dancing added in plus a hint of jigging.

I figured Coop would like it.  What's not to like?  Loud music.  Crazy dancing.  So we headed down to the Great Hall for the 7:30 shin-dig (which, incidentally, is Cooper's bedtime -- we're bad, bad parents).

Here's how he started the eveving:

And then he took a break:

And we know he's really tired when it turns into jumping and growling:


Anonymous said...

He's definitely Lord of the Manor.


DMcC said...

How fun!! I bet he slept like a rock after that!

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute!
My nephew is adorable!
Aunt Jill