Thursday, July 08, 2010

Clifford in KC

We read a lot of books about Clifford, the big red dog.  A lot.  So when I heard that Clifford was going to be at Crown Center in Kansas City, I figured Coop and I should go.

There was a play area, where we spent about 45 minutes, until it got way too crowded.

Walking around Crown Center, Cooper quickly spotted the candy store and asked for a lollipop.  53 cents well spent.

Crown Center also has fountains that kids play in.  I got Coop slathered up with sunscreen, put on his water shoes, and let him go:
No so sure about running around in the fountain sprays apparently.

We ate lunch at Fritz's restaurant -- an electric-train themed burger place where your food comes to you on a train track running along the ceiling.  Coop loved it!

We then promptly found the toy store, where Cooper picked out a small (yet crazy-expensive) Clifford dog:

And then we waited in line so we could talk to Clifford ourselves!

Coop didn't have any interest in sitting on his lap for the photo-op, but he wanted to show the real Clifford his pretend Clifford dog.

A great day:


The Kane Family said...

Any time that ends a day chalked full o' was truly a good day for the kid...good stuff

Karen said...

What a great day for Coop! He looks so incredibly happy, what with his expensive Clifford and his little engineer's hat. And who wouldn't be smiling when you're at a place where a train brings your food?