Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taking the show on the road

We flew to Portland, Oregon earlier this month to visit Cooper's Aunt Carmen and Uncle Toban. We did tons of fun things, but the biggest hit was Carmen's Woody doll (from Toy Story).
As you can see, Woody is holding a guitar. It has little sensor on the strings to you're supposed to "strum" the guitar with Woody's hand and hear him sing (or whistle) various Toy Story songs.

But Woody quickly became just a nuisance who wouldn't let go of the stinkin' guitar. Instead Cooper strummed the guitar by himself and danced around, dragging Woody helplessly behind.

(Carmen and Toban's greyhound Jamie got in on the action with her squeaky toy.)

Toban joined the fun with his banjo:

And Toban also shared his yo-yo collection with Cooper:


Anonymous said...

My nephew is so cute!

Anonymous said...

well, i love the startled look on Cooper when Jamie comes in with backup for Cooper's performance! that kid is bound for some musical career....