Monday, June 29, 2009

Portland Children's Museum

We also visited the Portland Children's Museum -- we're becoming quite the experts on children's museums!

The coolest room at this one was the dig pit, filled with rubber "gravel" and lots of dumptrucks and shovels:

Driving the steamroller. (He's a Bob the Builder character, but I don't know who. Cooper didn't much care, given that the entire exhibit was giant construction vehicles.)

Using the compound miter saw:

Driving a big train:

And this "senior picture" was taken on the Nike campus, where Carmen works.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!
Aunt Jill

Jodi said...

It's Roley!! (We have a lot of BtB experience around here.)

Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

Karen said...

What a super-cool place! I bet Coop had the time of his life playing with all that construction stuff. (Especially now that I've seen his love for excavators firsthand.)