Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update on Baby J

It looks like our family of four will be back down to three by Monday. BabyJ is off to live with a relative (his great-aunt) until his case wraps up. If he isn't reunited with his birth parents eventually, then I think this relative will adopt him. So I'm busy trying to finish his photo album from the weeks he spent with us. Mercy, I take a lot of pictures!

This was Cooper's latest toy: A light switch box that I bought and put together for him. He figured out how to flip switches, but neither Alan nor I wanted to hold up him by the light switches for longer than 30 seconds. So we built him his very own light switches.

BabyJ in the swing, which he loved:

Cooper in our new take-your-kid-walking backpack, which he hated:
It went better once we finally got moving outside. But I'm sure it's pretty freaky for him to be hanging out six feet off the ground, all of a sudden.

BabyJ's "Just Like Me" African-American doll, dressed for St. Patrick's Day already!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Baby J. Don't forget to write.


Anonymous said...

Emily and Alan, I admire and thank you for getting this little boy off to a great start in his life. Good work!
Aunt Jill