Thursday, March 06, 2008

Of bathtime and stair-climbing

In my last post, I asked what you thought Coop was doing in the video. Very few of you actually guessed. Party poopers. But I'll tell you anyway. I was singing "The Wheels on the Bus," and Coop was acting out the verse about how the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish. It's his favorite verse.

So it seems that BabyJ enjoys bathtime, particularly the hair-washing part:

For point of reference, this is the bowl we use for single-serving microwave popcorn.
Finally, we replaced the popcorn bowl with the old baby bathtub.

And in Cooper news, Alan thought it would be fun to help Cooper climb the stairs. He did pretty good, and made it to the top.

But then decided he wanted to climb everything:

This is going to bite us in the butt, I'm afriad. Kind of like the time Alan thought it would be cute to lure Mikey (the cat) up a ladder with a string, and then we came home one day to find Mikey perched at the top of the ladder and unable to get down. Will we never learn?


Anonymous said...

Heeheee! Wheels on the bus go swish-swish! That's adorable! Both boys are so cute.... Baby J in a popcorn bowl and Cooper climbing stairs. Never a dull moment!
Aunt Jill

Anonymous said...

It's going to bite you on the butt when he reaches the Tim McGraw book.
"Mommy likes crap!"

The solution: put my book a little closer to the ground. Every boy should be weened on a little book theft.