Thursday, January 03, 2008

A few more from Christmas

Four generations of Grants: Cooper, Alan, Grandpa Jerry, and Great Grandma Margaret.

The stocking I decided to cross-stitch for Cooper. I started it at Thanksgiving and didn't make much progress. Surely by next Christmas, right?


Anonymous said...

Great photo of the 4 generations. Lot of pressure on Cooper to carry on the family name.


Shawn said...

As for finishing the stocking by next Christmas.... good luck with that. :0) I started a project for Jake when he was 4 months old and just finished it last year. (He is now 18.) Thankfully it is not personalized, so I can give it to his first child ten years from now. (Hopeful thinking.)

Looks like Christmas was a grand time for all! Happy New Year and upcoming First Birthday to Cooper!