Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blog Issues and Food Challenges

First, a bit about the blog. All pictures associated with our blog from January 2007 forward mysteriously disappeared. (It's actually not that mysterious, but if I tell the entire truth, you'll see that it's all my fault. So I'm just leaving it at "mysterious" for now.) So I'm reposting them as time permits, starting with the most recent and working my way backward. All of January 2008 and last December should be working. And the rest will come evenutally. Sorry about that.

Onto more fun challenges: feeding the boy.

He's a really good eater. The size of his belly confirms that. But about a month ago, when we'd feed him pureed veggies, we got this:

Super annoying. And confusing. It was food he liked (or at least used to like). And if we distracted him, usually by dancing and singing the Alka Seltzer theme song, he would eat the food. But that got tiring after a while.

And then we thought that maybe it was an independence thing, and he just wanted to feed himself. Sure enough:

He'll happily shovel in carrots and green beans, as long as we don't puree them first. He still eats breakfast stuff (applesauce, pureed fruit, yogurt, etc.) from a spoon. But everything else, we just give to him in small pieces.
His first taste of mac and cheese (with carrots mixed in -- that makes it healthy, right?):

But mac and cheese mixed with peas got this reception:
The peas were unceremoniously discarded into the cup holder. Oh well. Another day...

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Anonymous said...

Coop knows when you're trying to sneak veggies in. He's no fool! Try mixing in some Skittles. One day our kids want nothing but corn dogs. Next week, they can't even look at them. Makes you go Hmmmmmm.