Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Grant Dynasty Continues...

Emily had her 22-odd week sonogram this past week. And the tentative verdict is...

It's a boy. A little mini-me. The world could do worse, right? Right? C'mon, give me some help here.

As I said, the verdict is tentative--pictures were tough to capture and we won't be able to confirm until sometime in December. We'll let you know if the situation changes. Until that point, boy names are being actively solicited. So far, we're leaning toward "Hurd." Schoolyard kids are going to have a ball with that: "Hurd the nerd," "Hurd the turd," and so on. Ought to toughen the kid up, having a name like that.

Everything I know about raising kids I learned from the Johnny Cash Big Book of Parenting.

Of course, the more important part of the sonogram was that we were able to verify that at least so far the kid appears healthy. Saw the heart beating, looked at the spine, counted the toes (yes, the sonogram is that good!), watched him kick. More disconcerting was the fact that he and a bunch of his fetal friends were in there smoking cigars and shooting dice. Had to put him in "time out" for that.

So now I can put a face to my imaginings and my mind is free to speculate about what we'll be doing together 9 or 10 years from now. At the moment, it's Andy and Opie Taylor, headed down to the fishin' hole with poles slung over their shoulders. Somewhere someone's whistling. Of course, it's more likely that it'll turn out to be Al and Bud Bundy stealing money out of each others' wallets, so I've got to enjoy this dreaming while I can.


Anonymous said...

I could't resist to give you a peek into the future...motorcycles and fast cars, dead bugs, ghoulish costumes, endless hours of video games (think you can handle that Al?), eating constantly, and loads of laundry (Em, start stocking up on Shout and Oxyclean!). What fun boys are!! If you want, I'll send him your way for Christmas so you can try it out...hehe

Anonymous said...


When will the kid be old enough to play my favorite video game, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Just curious,


Anonymous said...

Al - I don't have good news...at least 10 years...I vetoed it for his 9th Birthday, but have a feeling that Brian will win the battle for Christmas as that is one of his favorite games too...Don't worry Em, while they are playing we'll go shopping! ;-) Lins

Anonymous said...

At about age 3-4 you can have fun cleaning up pee from everywhere except the toilet.

My boys love to play with my 14 year old Nintendo system, so don't plunk down $700 for a new PS3 quite yet.

My philosophy on names is don't tell anyone the name until its a done deal because undoubtedly someone will not like it or have a bizarre story about a friend they had named "Hurd". Knew a kid from grade shool named Hurd, used to pick his nose alot, now he's in jail on grand theft auto charges.

Kidding aside, boys are fun and you'll love having one.

Anonymous said...

You could name your baby Nolan Owen and with Emily's initials have EGG-NOG!

Julie Poolie said...

I think you should name him something multi-syllabic since his last name is a single syllable. I have no idea if I'm spelling syllable right.

It's been trendy of late to either choose a fruit name or a Hebrew name. You could name him "Banana" or "Boaz."

Just some helpful suggestions!