Sunday, October 29, 2006

More fuzzy baby pictures

These are pictures from our last sonogram. They're fairly grainy, but you might as well get used to cooing over pictures of the baby now. Start practicing for when we drag out an album full of Baby's Sleeping Poses, Part II.

This is the baby's face (forehead toward the left side, eyes, nose, and mouth in the appropriate places), and the funny shaped thing below and to the right of his face is his arm.

I think it kind of looks like this guy:
Only sideways, like this:

This is the baby's butt (on the right side of the image) with his legs extended and crossed at the ankles. The white lines are bones.

And then this shot is of his feet, still crossed at the ankles. The sonogram lady counted and labeled the five toe bones in this foot.

Beautiful, eh?


Jill said...

Oh, he's so cute!

Julie Poolie said...

I can already tell it looks like Al. Expecially the chin.

Anonymous said...

already teaching him to moon people...of all things...wait till he's a little older and Em can teach him the farmer's way of blowing your nose...hehe