Monday, February 01, 2021

Holiday Prep

 So these next few posts are going to be flashback episodes since I'm waaaaaay behind on blogging!

First up, a trip to Lyons the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We had a complete Thanksgiving dinner, even though we were five days early:

Santa Cecil and Elf Joan were finishing up some final touches on gifts for the grandkids:

Back home, Coop and I made peppernuts.  (To be completely honest, mom made the dough and let me take it home so Cooper and I just had to cut and bake.  And eat!)

One of Cooper's friends had this giant reindeer decoration outside their house.  He wouldn't take a picture with it, so I did.  He was appropriately mortified.

I forced him to write this letter:

Our xmas decorations all up and ready!

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