Friday, August 12, 2016

More summer!

Coop and I have been having fun building castles:

We drove to Olathe one day to check on a friend's dog, and when we drove by a Family Leisure store, Coop started singing the jingle ("Where family and fun come together") and then immediately said "I watch too much tv."  Fair enough.  But we stopped and looked at hot tubs, grills, patio furniture, pool tables, and swimming gear.  We bought nothing.

Coop received a Mail Order Mystery.  It's a series of packages that arrive in the mail that he has to work out to solve a mystery of some sort.  First up, code-breaking!

A lovely Saturday spent watching Star Wars with the lego Millennium Falcon nearby

Alan took Coop to see the Body Worlds exhibit at Union Station:
(The crazy look is Coop practicing making his eyes point in different directions.  Yeah... I don't know either...)

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