Monday, May 16, 2016

Wedding dress repurposed

In an effort to decrease the amount of stuff I own (and will therefore have to move), I opted to donated my wedding dress to Alexandra's House.  Alexandra's House is a perinatal hospice organization that works with families who have a terminal diagnosis for an unborn child (i.e. -- moms who are pregnant but who know the baby won't live).  I volunteered for a time with the organization, and I simply adore Patti, the founder.

I asked if she'd be interested in my wedding dress and would have a volunteer who could make it into gowns for babies.  Yes!

For memory purposes, here's what it looked like a million years (and much more hair, and much less gray) ago:

And here are the baby gowns that some volunteers made.

They're beautiful and I'm so, so pleased.

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