Monday, November 09, 2015

Halloween party

On Friday, the 30th, we hosted a Halloween party.  Turns out, 8-year-olds LOVE candy corn:

Coop had the three-hour evening pretty well scripted.  First up, a costume parade so kids could model their costumes for the parents.

Second, a scavenger hunt around the inside and outside (in the rain!) of our house.  Coop and I had a ball making all the clues (they rhymed!) and putting things in order for the various teams.

In the box full of food, in the place that makes ice
If you find your next clue, that would really be nice.

For supper, we served hot dog mummies, bugles (to make witch fingers!), fruit, cheese, and cookies.

Activity number 4: pumpkin painting!

My sink:

The last activity was supposed to be a bon fire and scary stories, but it was raining.  So instead, Alan took the kids down to the basement and turned off the lights to tell stories.  Apparently, the kids had had way too much sugar to be willing to sit and listen, so things got a little hairy (and not in a fun Halloween way).

In time, Coop and I will recover.  And I'm sure we'll be planning an Easter party eventually.  Once we forget the trauma of this one! :)

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