Monday, September 01, 2014

CO Trip, part 1: Wichita Museum of World Treasures

Coop and I took a road trip out to Colorado during the weeks Coop's camp / school was closed.  We met up with some of my Washburn friends and a few family members along the way.  We made most of the trip with Coop's friend Henry, after meeting up with him in Wichita.

First stop, Museum of World Treasures:

Some dino skull:

Fishing (which, not to give away the rest of the CO trip, was just far more successful than fishing in actual water):


Buddha (and two very not-zen-like boys):

Coop staring intently at a mummy.  Henry analyzing the fish / sea creatures on the wall.


We drove from Wichita to Lyons, with a quick stop at McPherson College.  Henry's parents have a friend who went to college there (in addition to my mom!):

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