Thursday, August 15, 2013


Coop lost his second tooth!

Still doesn't like fireworks, as much as he really wants to:

But he did make little flags that we were going to hand out as part of our (three-person) 4th of July parade where we all march in a circle singing Grand Old Flag.  We practiced several times around the house, but never actually performed for anyone.

Six-month check-up -- everything looks good!

Coop came home from school and announced the he had formed a club.  Guess what kind of club?  Wait for it....   A Silly Club!  Naturally!  Couldn't possibly form a Sit Quietly and Read Club.  Nope, not my kid.

Here he's making a sign-up sheet for the Silly Club to take to school (I don't think Miss Ann actually let him hang up the sign, though).  What I loved about this picture though is the outfit -- KU jersey + backwards cap.  He looks 13 (if you ignore the juice box).

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