Monday, July 09, 2012

Trip to Lyons

Coop and I spent a couple of days last week in Lyons.  That week, every day set a record high temperature.  But Grandma Joan had thought of lots of things to do so we didn't die in the 105 degree heat.

First up, Grandma's neighbor has a trampoline in his shaded back yard.  We went there early one morning, and it wasn't too bad, temp wise.

They also had a sand pit to dig in:

Coop helped Grandma Joan make Meals on Wheels deliveries.  He got to carry the small bag of food, and he was in charge of ringing the doorbell.

We ate lunch at El Dee Grande.  Coop mostly like chips (and salt!) but he also ate most of my taco burger.

We went to the nursing home in town, which hosts an ice cream social on Friday afternoons.  Coop liked looking at their giant cage of birds:

He also collected a bunch of roly polys, both from Grandma's basement and from her yard.  He talked me into letting him take them home, so he poked holes in a box so they could breathe on the drive home.
 (They're all long dead.)

We sharpened pencils in the attendance pads at church.  (Coop tired quickly of this, so Mom and I finished the job while he explored the church balcony.)

Finally, Coop was entralled with this old school building that was damaged in the June tornado.  We drove by it multiple times.

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Thomas said...

good stuff...for sure. He seems to be a very helpful kid...which is nice....and nothing wrong with a bit of a trampoline jumpin' in the heat! Looks like it was a fun trip.