Monday, July 18, 2011


Alan and Cooper (and Grandma Joan) worked at the water stop for a local 5K.

All of the cousins got together in Lyons around the 4th of July.  Popsicles:



This photo is titled Sweet Revenge:
Coop got stung by a wasp (his first sting!), so he and Alan eradicated the nest, which the wasps had built in the fence right next to our car.  Bad move.


Thomas said...

so really...what is it about bubbles that children love so much? I don't remember loving bubbles that much, but, then again, I'm just this side of the "median" (if you will)? Christopher loves them, too...although it is cool to watch them with the bubbles..blowing them, chasing them, popping them. Good stuff. Looks like all the kids there had a blast

Anonymous said...

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