Friday, February 11, 2011

St. Wulfram's Church

Grantham is home to St. Wulfram's Church, built in the early 1300s.  It's well-known for the 282-foot spire, which is the sixth highest in the country.

I got a kick out of the doors.  They look so huge and massive, and then a little people-sized door opens.  I felt a bit like a Keebler elf.

The inside was lovely:

Reredos (fancy screen or decorated wall behind the altar):

Lots of people were buried in the church yard and in the church building itself.  (I did not go through the doorway labeled "Crypt."  But I might next time.)  Alan and I got a kick out of the pirate skeleton face on this grave marker.

See the small round objects just above the windows and below the awning:

They're faces!!

It is said that the faces on the north side of the church (these) are making ugly faces to keep away bad spirits.  Regardless, I think they're adorable.

And some even made it inside the building, including a hippo:

We only spent about 30 minutes here (it was during our walking tour), so we didn't get to see all of the fabulous parts of this church.  It's home to the country's first public library!  And an organ from 1736.  And huge, amazing stained glass windows.  We'll have to go back before we leave...

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