Monday, December 06, 2010

Ok, get out your air quotes again.

"Alan" was "on" the "cover" of Business Week.  Here it is.  Can you see him?

Nope, not the big story about Ireland.  Look closer:

Still can't see it.  Try this:
There it is.  "Seinfeld Returns, As an Economist p26."  That's Alan!

To be fair, it is really cool.  The article's nice, and Alan's quoted talking about the project.  You can read the story here.

And.  AND.  The Today Show is planning to interview Linda about her Econ and Pop Culture class, and CNN will likely be interviewing Alan soon about the Seinfeld project.  And they haven't even finished their book proposal and already a publishing house has emailed to ask about publishing their book.

Note:  I drafted this post a week ago, and I have to keep editing it with the latest news.  Good heavens.  This thing has gone viral.  On Friday, Mr. President Literary Agent Man sent out the book proposal.  Within two hours, a publishing house rep emailed back that she "absolutely loves this" and was going to talk to her boss about it.  Alan's trying very hard not to starting counting his chickens.

Speaking of chickens (and with apologies to Alan for cluttering up this blog post), Red Hen is no longer with us.  We found her dead under a pine tree in the yard, and we buried her under her favorite roosting tree.  Man, she was a tough old bird.

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