Thursday, September 02, 2010

Agribusiness Report

Red Hen is laying eggs!!
These were the first three we found, and she's laying one a day now!

And she's got some company:
This is Rooster No Eyes.  (Coop named him.  He does in fact have eyes, but they're hard to see under his face feathers!)

A friend of Carol's has chickens in Lindsborg, and one turned out to be a rooster.  He couldn't stay in town, so she donated him to our outside-city-limits "farm." 
This same friend donated two other critters (a rooster and his best chicken buddy) back in July, but they met an untimely end at the hand of a raccoon family.  So here's hoping No Eyes fares better.

And the bees are looking good too.  Coop wanted to help check on them:

Three generations of bee enthusiasts!

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Karen said...

Yes, congratulations to Red Hen! And a warm welcome to Rooster No Eyes, whose name totally creeps me out. (Reminds me of that guy in the Mummy who had his eyes assimilated.) Anyway, I'm glad to hear all the critters are thriving at Camp Grant!