Thursday, August 05, 2010

More from San Diego

A pedicab ride with Cousin Jenny:

Silly Vanilly ice cream with sprinkles.  It's bright blue, but tastes just like vanilla.

The Hotel Del has a fabulous old elevator with a metal gate door and an elevator operator inside to push buttons.  It worked when we checked in on Friday, but by Saturday morning, we saw this:
Oof.  We were on the 5th floor.  And there were 115 stairs from the bottom floor to the top.  (It was fixed about an hour before we checked out of the hotel on Monday.  Of course.)

Coop got lots of practice walking up and down stairs, and he did a nice job going up stairs using alternate feet and not holding on.  (As opposed to both feet on each step and/or holding on to a railing.)
(And yes, I fully realize that this is one of those developmental things that only the parents care about or even notice.)

One more, we walked down to the Coronado yacht club to look at the boats.

Jenny and Coop hanging on Cousin Jon.

Family photo:

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