Thursday, May 06, 2010

Green overalls and a hat.

One of Cooper's friends at Miss Brenda's wears overalls fairly regularly.  Cooper announced that he wanted to wear some too. 

Except that he didn't know what they were called.  So he found a puzzle that has a bear wearing overalls and asked if I had a special (pronounced "fecial" -- we still working on s-blend sounds!) shirt with straps that he could wear.

He was in luck.  I sure do:

And then this past weekend, he dug out his cowboy hat to complete the ensemble:

And then he decided to ride on his buckin' bronco:

Whoa there, cowboy!  Hold on to that hat!

I maybe need to lighten up on the "cowboy" talk, though, because he later announced that when he got big, he was going to ride cows.  With his hat on. 

Good luck with that, Coop.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Green Jeans reincarnated?


Anonymous said...

Just showed this to Tim and Joe, they are ROTFLTAO. They really enjoy seeing Cooper's adventures.\\Nuge

The Kane Family said...

He looks like he could be an Amish leprechaun! Love it.

Thomas said...

you're right!!! YES!!!