Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter egg hunt

Last weekend, we hit the local Easter egg hunt at Baker's campus.  It was mayhem.  Way too many kids (and parents), not enough space.  But Coop enjoyed himself:

He wanted to stop to open each egg after he picked it up:

And once he saw the chocolate inside, he was done for.  I think he ended up with three eggs, and three deliciously chocolate treats!

He then convinced us to wait in line for the bounce house.

 Bounce house + chocolate = awesome morning!


Karen said...

It does look a bit chaotic, but what fun he seems to be having! I especially love his expression in the third picture as he opens the egg . . . that's happiness in its purest form.

The Kane Family said...

Chaos is certainly more fun than organization! That's why most of us loved recess as children and hated math...or was that just me? Probably. It really looks like it was a blast!