Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember When

My friend Andi from law school is now a high-powered attorney in Houston.  She also has taught herself to quilt over the past several years.  She's got six nieces and nephews, so she's kept herself busy making sweet baby quilts for them. 

And she agreed to make me a quilt of some of my favorite Coopie clothes from his first year (and a little beyond)!  So I packed up a box of some of the sweetest outfits and blankets and washclothes and whatnots, and shipped them to Houston.

Giraffe romper suit

Flannel jacket

The pillow case we got form the hospital during his two-day stay there (asthma problems)

And poof!  Look what Andi made:

My very own Remember When quilt!

One of my favorite size Newborn onesies for Cooper.

The back pocket from his little pair of jeans.

And stars on the back.

When it arrived in the mail, Alan asked if I thought Cooper would leave it on him at night instead of kicking it off.  I actually haven't decided if Cooper gets to touch Mama's quilt just yet.  Right now, I mostly just hold it and smell it and remember when....

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Anonymous said...

Cute and a great idea!
Aunt Jill