Monday, November 30, 2009

Sweet Coopie

With Daddy, watching the fire:

I love this picture because the designs on Cooper's diaper make it look like he's got plumber's butt. Heh.
Fun with stickers:

Posing outside. I had intended to use a picture from this afternoon photo shoot for our Christmas card, but Coop had a runny nose. And Alan's camera is fancy enough to pick up snot bubbles and crusties. Fabulous. Even so, pretty darn adorable.

So, maybe we have some sleeping issues. Coop has a Big Boy Bed. But for a couple of months, he's been sleeping on the floor. Ok. Whatever.

And then several weeks ago, he wanted to sleep in the recliner:

And then, as if slowly migrating away from the Big Boy Bed, Cooper decided he wanted to sleep in the hallway:
It doesn't seem like something I need to be fighting. He's going to sleep. And (for the most part), staying asleep all night. But it does feel just a bit odd.

Oh, and if you're wondering how I managed to take all the pictures of him sleeping without the flash waking him up -- it's because he also insists on sleeping with the light on.


Rhonda said...

My boys love sleeping on the floor. They call it "having a special bed". I think that is what we called it to make my oldest want to sleep on a hotel room floor when he was 2! I don't really care - I spent $5 on their bunk beds at a garage sale, and they are not sleeping in my room or in my bed!!

Karen said...

The Christmas photo is adorable, boogers and all. I think you should send it out anyway, and maybe glue a little bit of glitter to the nose crusties just to make it more festive.

I also love Coop's non-traditional sleeping photos! I wonder how he determines what would make an appropriate camp site?