Thursday, August 06, 2009

Big Boy Transitioning

Cooper has amassed quite a collection of things in his crib -- a pillow, 2 1/2 blankets, 3 bears (in diapers), 1 Ugly Dog, 1 stuffed caterpillar, a truck pillow, a cup of water, 2 pacifiers, and whatever books we've been reading lately.

A couple of weeks ago, Cooper asked if he could take a nap on his crocodile instead of in his crib. I'm not sure why I agreed, but he spent about an hour or so sleeping like this:
And then last week, I got a notice that Cooper's crib has been recalled. It's not an extremely serious flaw, at least not for a kid his age and size. So I would feel ok using the crib for a while longer. But he did a decent job napping outside of the crib. And if I take it back, I can get a full refund.

So I decided it was time to get out a Big Boy Bed. We started with just the low trundle bed from our guest room:

He spent about a week in there and did great. This is what we saw when we snuck up the stairs the first morning:

So I hauled down to the local furniture store to buy a frame and mattress set for his room. And I got out the safari-themed comforter I've been storing for six months.

So far, it's going ok. He's realized thought that he can get out of the bed, and nap times seem to be where we run into the most trouble. But he seems to like it!


Karen said...

A big boy bed! How exciting! I bet Cooper loves his new safari bed set, although I have to say I'm envious of the alligator nap pad. :)

The Kane Family said...

That is one very high big boy bed! Good luck, sir! Great photos!