Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gator Love

We've got to stop visiting Lyons when it's hot because it's all we can do to get Cooper off of Grandma Joan's gator. (I'm not sure why it's "Grandma Joan's" except that maybe because Grandpa Cecil has a tractor? So the gator must belong to Grandma Joan?)

Anyway, the last couple of times we've been to Lyons, Cooper has spent about 85% of his waking hours on the gator. We finally let him "drive," which he loved:

And let me just warn you in advance, this is about the most boring video I've ever shot. So if you play this over and over for about three hours straight, you'll get some idea of how Alan's feeling in this footage:

I think this picture is hysterical because that big orange and black warning sticker says something about how YOUNG DRIVERS INCREASE CHANCE OF DEATH. Surely not at Cooper's speed, though...

We couldn't even talk him down for food, so he ate lunch on the gator:

Variation on a theme: driving the whole family around.

One evening, a bunch of my high school friends and their kids came over for a BBQ. Dad was a huge hit taking everyone for gator rides. Guess who's wedged right up front as close to the steering wheel as possible:
Frankly, the other kids are lucky Cooper even decided to let them ride.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a trip to Worlds of fun is in order, or at least the local carnival.


The Kane Family said...

love the photos...the best part is the thought that if I was a "idler just walking by" I'd have definitely done some sort of double-take and had some stupid comment about the safety blah blah blah. I love it...and, although I can't admit to having shared the "experience" with Alan, I do sympathize with him greatly. I know my time is coming for such things, although I don't see Gator-driving in Christopher's future! It will probably be the family car or something.

The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

I can't tell you how envious Gus was watching that video. He is totally convinced that he could drive our Volvo, and doesn't understand why we won't let him. When he saw this, I had some explaining to do.