Monday, December 01, 2008

The Artist (pronounced ar-TEEST, for effect)

Using markers properly inside a big cardboard box:

Let's hope Cooper doesn't someday become a hugely famous artist. I'll be lambasted for using rubbing alcohol to get rid of one of his earliest works:

Working when the mood strikes, even if you don't have pants on.

And in a different medium, my old camera bit the dust and became Cooper's camera.
I'm sure that picture would have turned out beautifully.
And I came across a really old disposable camera that said it needed to be used before Nov. 08 (that's now). So I sent it to daycare with Cooper.
I haven't scanned any of the pictures that came back, but I have some lovely shots of several kids' thumbs. And one beauty looking straight up Cooper's nose.
It was actually a fun little project. One that I might replicate every six months or so, just for fun!

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Anonymous said...

I honestly think I could spend 3 or 4 hours drawing on a big box in my underwear without getting bored. Coop is living the dream.